02 January 2010

fabric favorites oh-nine

Kim over at True Up just posted a fabric meme.  2009 favorites.  Oooo…I like to talk fabric. 

Following her categories, here are my favorites:
1. Favorite Quilting Weight  Cotton Collection:
Good Folks by Anna Maria Horner. I rarely like more than two prints for any collection.  I loved so many in the Good Folks collection!

2.  Favorite Digitally Printed Fabric
Birdies. As the answer to many of the following questions will tell you, I got really into indie fabrics this year.  One of my favorite indie prints is Birdies by Aunt June, she has these printed at Spoonflower.

3.  Favorite Handprinted Fabric
Skinny La Minx did a series based on ancient cave paintings from the Cederberg mountains North of Cape Town, South Africa. I love Herds in particular.

4.  Favorite Trend (Colors)
So glad you’re back, gray.

5. Favorite Overall Designer
 Aunt Cookie.  She’s ace.  I can't get enough of the cookies.

6 & 7.  Favorite Print from Canada & Favorite Organic Print or Collection
Jars from Repeat Studio
Jars from Repeat Studio on organic linen.

8. Favorite Solid/Nonprinted
Moda Dill Green, you complete me.

9. Favorite New Fabric You Worked With in 2009
Shot cottons and chambrays. (no image, just love)

10. Wildcard Category
Let’s make this “best new skill” … learning to clamp and dye & clamp and discharge!

I could go on, but I won't, my potato gratin is bubbling!
Check out True Up ( http://www.trueup.net/?p=8500.) for more.


  1. fantastic list. I love that gray is back also!
    your fabrics are lovely.

  2. i love your fabric faves!

  3. Thanks so much! I love them too and am trying to decide if I should make them my spouse or my sweet babies. : )

  4. You have some great choices here--none of them are on my list, but that is what makes us each an individual, right? I love that dill green, too.

  5. Oh yeah - I really MUST get me some Aunt Cookie one day soon!

  6. I love that Jars print. I am going to have to check out Repeat Studio! :)


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