12 March 2012


Sometimes, I don't make it to my computer.
And I don't blog.

But I do make it to my sewing machine.
And I sew.
 And I go to Brenda's house and play in her shop (Pink Castle Fabrics).  I was over there for a few hours this weekend helping her fill her pre-orders for Flea Market Fancy.  It was a massive operation--many people, tons of fabric!
(That's her dad, who came to town to help cut up FMF.  Isn't that adorable?)
While I admire Flea Market Fancy, I took just two small pieces home (really, they were from the remnants pile!)  I'm cultivating the skill of admiring without acquiring.  And when it comes to fabric, I've realized, that I like a lot of fabric, but really only want to quilt with a pretty limited subset (blenders, prints with few colors, 1-way prints, luxury solids).

Anyway, I am contemplating a blog post about my new-found fabric pickiness.  But I also need to show you my recent projects (finishes, things in progress, more). I'd like to write tutorials for a couple of them, which is, I think why I am delayed.  It takes FOREVER to write tutorials!  I'm so impressed by people who churn them out all the time.

Let me leave you with this:
Homemade Shamrock Shake
Add to blender:
1 scoop high quality vanilla ice cream (I like the Kirkland stuff from Costco, or Ben & Jerry's)
1/4 cup milk (I use Silk Vanilla soy milk)
2 drops of organic peppermint flavor.

You may have to add slightly more milk depending on your blender and the size of your ice cream scoops, but I trust you can figure it out.

So much better than the fast food version.
No food coloring.
Easy portion control.
Delicious, subtle flavor that you control!


  1. You helped cut some fabric of mine, maybe!! I never got FMF the first time and I do love it. At the same time I really think I'm overdoing it as far as money spent on this little hobby of mine... I'm interested in your thoughts about being picky.

    Thanks for the milkshake recipe. I'm going to make some this weekend - my oldest competes in a spelling bee on St. Patty's Day - maybe we'll have them for breakfast!

  2. yay for making it to your sewing machine, to heck with blogging and computers!. the fmf helping looks like fun. I didn't order any, even though I thought I would. I've decided that I'm working my way through my stash as much as I can. I'd love to hear about your pickiness, I think my tastes have changed a lot since I started sewing!

  3. I love the fabrics you choose. I always buy on sale, so unfortunately FMF will never be in my budget, but I'll admire it with you!

  4. I'm the same way Rossie, often when I'm sewing, no time to blog.

  5. I'm loving your blocks...they look wonderful.

  6. 1-way print (AKA Directional) = stripes? Anything else?

  7. Yes, I'd like to hear more about your fabric pickiness! Loving the quilt in progress.

  8. that's looking like some lovely patchwork there! and, yes, tell us more about your fabric tastes now. i've been thinking about my own recently.

  9. that quilt's gonna be awesome! thanks for the FMF help :D

  10. Love all the color in that triangle quilt. Beautiful beautiful.


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